Let Us Join the Elephant Themed Baby Shower Bandwagon

As a sister, aunt, cousin, mother of a would-be-mom, we have at some point of time, hosted a baby shower. Baby showers are generally hosted by relatives, as we all know. Choosing the theme in today’s fast-paced world is another challenge. We all want to stand out from the crowds and give the best experience our invitees.

The planning stage

First, we need to answer a few questions. Like, are we doing it alone or there is a co-host? Then the timing of the day, the function is going to be held. The venue and the list of invitees is another point of concern. The best venues need to be booked months in advance.

Then fixing up the menu with the venue, be it a hotel or banquet hall will take a lot of your time. How we send out the invitations, is another big responsibility. Since we are always running short of time, it becomes difficult to visit every guest personally. So, the next question is whether you should send WhatsApp invites or mailers.


Why the Elephant Themed Baby Shower?

The world is trending on this theme, due to its neutrality. It does not matter, whether it is for a boy or a girl.

Elephant Themed Baby Shower Supplies

You will get all kinds of stuff related to the Elephant Themed Baby shower party on https://elephantbabyshower.com/. First of all, there is the invitation card. You can go for blue coloured one to signify the arrival of a boy or a pink coloured one for a girl. There are many samples, which are customizable as well.

There are various games available depending on whether it is a boy or a girl. The various games are Baby Bingo, Baby Nursery Rhyme, Baby Mad Lib and so on. Printable files in PDF formats are available online. There are various printable formats for cutouts, invites, thank you cards, banners, guest signages, décor and upholstery as well. Cakes in elephant themes are the call of the day, without which the shower is incomplete. Food should also be made as per the theme.

All ideas, supplies and printables are available online at https://elephantbabyshower.com/.


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