What uses have made the people consuming vitamin D?

Vitamin D (alfacalcidol, ergocalciferol-D2 and cholecalciferol-D3) is the fat soluble vitamin. It helps the body of a person in absorbing the phosphorous and calcium. Having an appropriate amount of calcium, vitamin D and phosphorus is very much essential for developing and keeping the bones stronger and healthier. This vitamin is used for treating and preventing the health disorders related to bones like osteomalacia and rickets. This vitamin is made by the body when it is exposed to the sunlight. The protective clothing, sunscreen, dark skin, limited exposure to the sunlight and age may prevent you from getting sufficient vitamin from the sun. 

Vitamin D along with calcium is used for the purpose of treating or preventing the loss of bones. This vitamin can be consumed also with various other medicines for treating low phosphorous or calcium level caused by some disorders. It is like pseudohypoparathyroidism, hypoparathyroidism and familial hypophosphatemia. It can also be used for the kidney diseases to keep the calcium level normal and also allowing normal growth of the bones. These vitamin drops are also given to those who are breastfed infants as breast milk is usually having the low level of D-vitamin. 

How can you use it?

A person can take this vitamin through mouth. D-vitamin is absorbed best when it is taken after food but can be taken without or with the meal. To consume vitamin without any issues read the instruction given on label or you may consult to the doctor. If your doctor is prescribing any medication, consume it as per the directions were given to you. The dosage is depending on the medicinal condition, age, exposure to sun, diet and respond to the treatments. If you are using the liquid form of medication, carefully do measuring of dose using the spoon of measuring device. If taking chewing tablet, chew it thoroughly before swallows it. This is how you can use Vitamin D

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