Vitamin d- factors that stop you from getting an adequate amount of sunlight

We all want to stay fit for long, but the deficiencies of the elements in our body make us weak and also reduces the immunity ability of our body. The elements like vitamin d is known to be the sunlight vitamin too, that produce in your body when skin exposure in sunlight. In many people body, the lack of this vitamin causes huge problems. But do you know that there are many factors that affect the ability to get the sufficient and adequate amount of vitamin in our body? In the below article we are going to show you some of the factors, that stops your body making the vitamin in the right amount. 

Factors that stops you from getting the right or adequate amount of sunlight:

  • When you go in an area where the pollution rate is high in that area also your body won’t get the ability for making the adequate amount of the vitamin.
  • Use of sunscreen, it’s a habit of almost all people that they use to apply the sunscreen lotion when they go out of their home. This prevents the body from getting the synthesis from making the vitamin for the body.  
  • Spending almost at the time in the indoor, this is one more reason because of which people don’t get the right amount of the vitamin.  
  • Besides this, if you live in a building where sunshine gets the block because of the huge building and this also prevents your body from getting the sunlight.  
  • If the skin is carrying a large amount of the melanin, then also body get less able to make the vitamin d in the body.  

These all factors increasing the deficiency of vitamin d in the body, so try to avoid all such things and let your body get the proper sunlight to synthesized the well amount of vitamin in the body. 

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